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Step-by-step, Bondi-based industrial designer Stefan Lie is building a career in Asia. His growing profile in Japan was confirmed when he snatched the Shizuoka Good Design Award for his Origami Slippers from a field of international competitors.

Judges praised Lie's work for its elegance and simplicity. Special mention was made of the fact the slippers can be manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way. Notes Lie, "my client and I first planned to make disposable slippers from recycled paper. The delicacy of the original slipper I designed - coupled with the lightness of paper - gave rise to the idea of origami. But as the project progressed, I wanted to get away from a disposable object."

This gave rise to new challenges. Lie says "I had to persuade my client that we could combine an environmentally sustainable approach with commercial viability."

Lie's recent success in Japan has its roots in his participation in an innovative Japanese program, the Rendez-vous project. Determined to maintain their reputation for delivering high-quality manufactured goods, the Rendez-vous

project was devised by Spiral Art Centre in Tokyo to bring Japanese manufacturers into contact with leading international designers.

Lie's links with Japanese manufacturers continue to grow. He recently returned from a festival in Shizuoka where his work was exhibited. He found that Japanese manufacturers are keenly interested in Australia and Australian designers. As Lie points out, "our proximity with Asia means that there are lots of opportunities for exchange. While we don't necessarily speak the same language, there's mutual interest in design from either side of the Asia-Pacific."

In addition to the Origami Slippers, Lie launched the Plié ladies' leather shoes and the Fukidashi Box at the 2007 Tokyo International Gift Show in Japan. The Origami Slippers, Plié Shoes and Fukidashi Box can be purchased online at

Stefan Lie Takes Japanese Design Prize

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